Melton Labradors

"Life is Ruff. Get a Lab.” ― Unknown

Intelligence: The American Kennel Club ranks the Labrador Retriever among the Top 5 most intelligent dog breeds.

Versatility: Labs capably serve as hunting dogs, service dogs, show dogs, and family pets. They can flush and retrieve birds in the wild, serve as guide and rescue dogs, win best of show, and play ball with your children in the backyard.

American Kennel Club offers information on dog breeds, competition events, club search for training and services, as well as dog ownership and registration.

Graves Labradors

Some of our friends own Graves Labradors in Surprise, AZ. They love Labs as much as we do and also produce registered AKC Labrador Retrievers through their breeding program.

Beauty: Labs are a strong and attractive breed. They come in two main lines (American and English) and in three colors: yellow, chocolate, and black.

Temperament: Labs make great family pets because they have a happy and friendly nature and are always eager to please. They thrive on the love of their owner and they get along with children, other dogs, and other pets.

Why Labs have been America's favorite breed since 1991:

We are a small, family-owned breeder that produces several litters 
of quality AKC registered Labrador Retriever puppies each year.
Our family raises English Labrador Retrievers because they are the
breed we love the most, they are the breed we want playing with
our children, and we would like to improve the quality of the breed.

There is a responsibility in breeding Labrador Retrievers; therefore,
all of our puppies come from champion lines and are clear of EIC,
PRA, and CNM. We offer blended American and English lines as well
as full English lines. Puppies from prior litters are being used as
service animals, hunting dogs, and family pets. All of our puppies
come with health, genetic, and hip guarantees.

Unlike some breeders who raise their dogs in small kennels and

without socialization, our dogs are raised humanely. They are our family pets and  enjoy playing with five very active children. Our dogs have a large pasture area to run around in, which includes toys to chew on, a large shade structure to rest under, and pools to splash around in.  Our whelping rooms are climate controlled and are cleaned daily. We use double flap doggy doors too, which prevents flies (and disease) from entering the whelping area. Our nursing mothers have their own dedicated dog run.

We do not sell breeding rights. All puppies must be spayed or neutered between 9 and 12 months of age. Also, we do not remove dew claws because most of our customers are looking for pets instead of field dogs.  Owners who wish to have their dog's dew claws removed can have their vet do so for a small fee when their dog is spayed or neutered.  

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